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TO ALL VILLAGE RESIDENTS!! The Village of Dousman is in the process of upgrading ALL water meters. This upgrade will allow the Village to monitor your water usage on a daily basis, catching water leaks & high usage, which in turn will save you money in the long run because leaks and high uses will be caught while it is happening compared to waiting for your quarterly bill. Due to this upgrade, we need everyone who has a meter in their home or business to contact us to make an appointment with Dousman Utilities to come upgrade their meter. PLEASE contact the Treatment Plant at 262-965-3302 or email to set up an appointment. Your quick response and cooperation through this transition is greatly appreciated! THERE IS NO COST FOR THIS UPGRADE!!


The Village of Dousman is looking for suggestions on how to use the empty lot across from Mike & Rocco’s Corner Stop.  If you have some ideas or suggestions,  stop in the Village Hall, email or give us a call at 262-965-3792.  Thanks!


The PSC (Public Service Commission) updated our water rates to an 8% increase. There has been no increase in water rates since 1985.

2016 Garbage & Recycle Schedule


Dousman Water Utility 2014 CCR – 8×11

Dousman-Grinder-Pump-xls Revised Aug 2014

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This is a reminder that the preliminary Bark River PMR Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs), Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and corresponding data are currently in a 90-day public review process.  Appeals and/or comments should be complied and forwarded to the Village for verification and for the Village submittal to the DNR by May 27, 2013