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Leaky Toilets?

Here is a way to figure out if your toilet is wasting water:

Add food coloring to the back of the tank and let it sit for 5 minutes, then check the bowl to see if any color has appeared.  If so it is time to replace the flapper valve.

A leaky toilet can leak up to 2500 gallons per day.

Average family of 4 uses uses 260 gallons of water per day.

Here are some numbers of interest:

Time Warner Cable – 1-800-274-7063
Advance Disposal – 262-367-6040
We Energies – 1-800-242-9137
CenturyLink –

AT&T Internet 1-877-385-7578

DIRECTTV – 1-855-463-7359 or go to:

DIRECTV Resource

Frontier Internet Services